IT Services Proposal For Teitler Family Dental Care

                    We are pleased to offer this IT Services Proposal for your review and approval. The solution detailed in this proposal has been created with your needs. We are confident you’ll find that it offers great value to your office. Please review the proposed solution carefully to ensure it meets your expectations. Should you have any concerns whatsoever, please reach out via email to or give us a call at 301-624-9363.  

Our Team Will!

A comprehensive review of your systems to better understand how your facility shares and stores information. Our focus will be on examination and testing in the following key areas: 

  • Systems architecture

  • Business process mapping 

  • User identity management

  • Operating systems configurations

  • Security and anti-virus controls

  • Database access controls

  • Network controls

  • Privileged access controls

  • Logging and auditing systems 

  • Backup and restore processes 

Say hello to better performance!

                A member of our team will be available daily to support your office with any technology help. We will also manage all software and platform updates, backups, and bug fixes during non-business hours or as needed.

               Our IT services are designed to support growing companies by offering fully managed technology solutions at an affordable cost. Our approach is to implement a lean, scalable solution with a proactive approach to problem solving that keeps your systems operating at peak performance at a 99% rate.

What Will We Provide!

  • A Dedicated I.T Specialist To Help You With Your Daily Troubleshooting needs. 

  • Hardware Repairs For Computers ,iPhone, or iPad. 

  • Software Support For Window & Mac.

  • Monitoring Of Overall System Health.

  • Application Of Updates, Patches, And Changes.

  • Management Of User Account Information.

  • Documentation Of System Configuration.

  • Routine System Performance Tuning.

  • Network Infrastructure Upkeep.

  • Implementation Of Backups.

  • Technical Support and Troubleshooting.

  • Maintenance Of Security Policies .

  • Setup Security System for private data. 

  • The Same Day Service.

The reliability of your computer systems is essential to your daily work. We will manage your office’s servers, network equipment, and IT infrastructure to ensure that they are always running smoothly and efficiently.

First approach

             Our team will help you resolve the current issue on the server, computer, printer, and phone communication  system.  We will also monitor on overall system to have better understanding on the network infrastructure.  Once everything is running on a standing performance then we can give you a full suggestion on hardware upgrades, backup , and network setup.

              After the system is operating at peak performance, we will assign you with a dedicated IT specialist. The IT specialist will be there as needed and he or she will help you with the same day service on-site where we come to you to help you with any technology issues.


             After having the meeting with Brittney, our team has put everything together for your office with the a plan that we believe it is the best solution for your current situation. 




Monthly Service Fee : $300 

The monthly service fee of $300 is to have our dedicated team available just for you.


On The First 90 Days, every service call will be charge by hourly. 

DMV IT GROUP will charge hourly rate of $85 Per Hour and the hourly rate will begin anything more than 15 minutes of the service time. 


DMV IT GROUP will bill you every two weeks or per terms on the agreement date. 

Once the 90 days has completed, DMV IT GROUP will gather all the data and information to offer you with a better package or you can continue with the plan monthly. 




terms & conditions

  • To stop our service, 30 days noticed is required to turnover the project to the next IT provider. 

  • DMV IT GROUP is not responsible for any hardware or software cost if needed to upgrade or replace.

  • After reviewing the service details, terms and condition please sign the signature to start the process. 

Thank You So Much The Opportunity Write This Proposal & Supporting The Local Small Business!