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Frequently Asked Questions ( DMV IT GROUP FREDERICK MD)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do we charge for IT services ?

It all depends on the client and the services they need. We provide managed IT services at a fixed monthly cost, which includes unlimited remote support. In addition, we provide IT consulting, backup solutions, cloud services, email hosting, weekly onsite visits, and more. Call us and we will provide you with a table of services to use as a guide when speaking with IT service vendors.

How soon can I get help if I have tech-related problem?

Instantly. Our certified remote technicians are available 24/7 to troubleshoot and resolve tech-related problems, either via phone call or chat.. Our on-site support is 24 Hour turnaround .

Do you monitor the backups ?

Yes. We urge you to use our onsite and cloud (offsite) backup services. We know when your backup devices are running low on disk space or when they are not working.

Can you block social media such as Facebook, YouTube, etc.?

Yes, we can. We understand that some businesses have strict policies in terms of what websites their employees can and cannot visit.

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